Grinch Santa Slate/Bamboo Platter

Grinch Santa Slate/Bamboo Platter

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Add a dash of Whoville charm to your holiday traditions with this Grinch Santa Slate/Bamboo Platter. This enchanting platter measures 16" x 9", providing ample space to lay out a festive spread for Santa and his reindeer team.

The platter features a smooth slate surface, framed by the warm tones of a bamboo edge complete with a handle for easy carrying. The slate center is etched with a playful note to Santa: "Dear Santa, The Grinch stole your cookies! Just kidding..." accompanied by designated spots for "Milk," "Cookies," and "Reindeer Snacks." Each section is circled, inviting you to fill them with treats for Santa's visit.

This delightful serving piece is not just for cookies and milk; it's a versatile addition to your holiday serveware that can be used for cheese and cracker assortments, festive hors d'oeuvres, or as a charming centerpiece for your holiday table.

The combination of natural bamboo and slate materials also makes this platter an excellent gift for environmentally conscious friends and family, or for anyone who enjoys a touch of whimsy in their holiday decor. Its sturdy construction ensures that this piece can be a part of your Christmas Eve ritual for years to come. Embrace the spirit of the season and the magic of Dr. Seuss's beloved story with this unique Grinch Santa Slate/Bamboo Platter.